guiding your culture change

guiding your culture change

analyze | consult | implement

We are a group of consultants, change experts and coaches.
We support you taking the next step – as an individual, as a team, as a company.


THE classic: transformation in organisations. Cultural change usually comes with resistance. ‚Please not the next bullshit bingo change programme‘. What we specialise in:

  • Latching on to your existing initiatives
  • Getting an overview of what is currently going on
  • Synchronising those and help you ‚just do it
  • agile mindset and attitude towards change
  • cultural change as a competitive advantage
  • leadership mandates and approval from key stakeholders

Starting with an assessment. Where are you at? How are you doing? What is working and what’s not? What needs to be improved?

We specialise in these areas:

  • navigating between waterfall and agile. When fits what?
  • What makes a resilient team? What is psychological safety?
  • understanding cultural differences and finding balance
  • creating healthy team rituals 
  • dealing with conflict and difficult behaviour

You already identified what you need? Great. We facilitate you in our clear and light hearted moderation style. Having fresh eyes in the room often makes THE difference. It could look like:

  • Taking you on a vision journey. Have you got an eye on the future?
  • Refining your purpose 
  • running strategy workshops
  • Understanding cultural differences & intercultural leadership 
  • Designing interfaces and relationships among departments 
  • Planning and running your offsite
  • … and a lot more. 

Be it in the context of a team coaching package or you individually: We provide a confidential space for your self-development. We all are certified systemic coaches. Each with their individual areas of expertise. We will find a good fit for you. 1:1 coaching topics are endless. However, many clients work with us on:

  • how to give constructive feedback 
  • how to build strong client relationships 
  • how to lead in change. This is a big one. 
  • how to have difficult conversations 
  • how to keep happiness 


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Djinn started as a collaboration between Ina and Nele. Realising teams were facing massive challenges to stay connected during Covid we found ourselves in the situation of supporting teams in adapting to remote work – popping up like virtual djinns: introducing communication platforms, designing remote onboarding, bringing live into formal video calls, etc. 

Covid eventually ended and teams are presented with the challenges of hybrid collaboration, talent war, generational disconnect and a lot more. 

Kirsten completed the trio at just the perfect time. Ina, Kirsten and Nele have a strong personal connection. Grown from deep friendship, into a mentorship relation, into business partners – We are an example of a little bit unusual and complex foundation that is extremely fruitful. 

Since, djinn has grown into a larger network of professionals. Here’s the core team- Ina, Nele and Kirsten. 

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